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[Easter School Holiday Promotion] Impact Elite Golf Academy's Juniors Golf (2 Days) + Transport by Riding Pink (Optional)

All ages


Want to kickstart your child's passion for golf or improve their existing skills? Look no further as Impact Elite Golf Academy has partnered with us and they are offering a Junior Golf school holiday package.

Date :

 Session 1  - 4th - 5th  April  2017  

 Session 2 -  5th-6th April 2017  

 Session 3 -  11th-12th April  2017

Session 4 -  12th - 13th April 2017 

Time : 3pm - 4pm

Age : 4 - 8 years old

This package is for 2 pax.

PS: Don't have transport to send your child to this activity? Fret not, enjoy 10% off when you pair your activity with a ride from Riding Pink, Malaysia's First Women's-Only Transportation Platform. After receiving the confirmation email for your purchase, reply to the email with your pick-up/drop-off information. Parents will be able to meet driver before confirmation of ride.

*rate for ride depending on distance*

More details about activity: 

Warm ups - Hopping, skipping, sliding, running, single leg hops, bear crawls, frog jumps, duck walks

Main Activities - Kids will learn basic golf posture and grip depending on the age of the student, we will cover a different section of the golf game each week either Putting, Chipping or Full Swing this will all depend on the age range and whether they have their own equipment or not.

Fun Activities - Frisbee, Baseball Striking, throwing, catching, kicking etc.. (these activities will develop the kid's basic fundamental movement skills which in turn helps them to achieve contact on the golf ball

Warm Down & Exercise - I will normally end the session depending on the time with some physical exercises like push up, squats, jumping jacks etc… 


Jalan Kelikir, Mines Resort City


18th April 2017

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