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Turbo Charge Learning Programme (10 Lessons)

7 years - 19 years


Time and Sessions:

  • Saturday 5.00pm - 6.30pm (Age 7 - 12)
  • Saturday 6.30pm - 8.00pm (Age 13 - 17) 
  • Sunday 5.00pm - 6.30pm (Age 7 - 12) 
  • Sunday 6.30pm - 8.00pm (Age 13 - 17)


7 years old to 19 years old


Dear Parents, 

I know you have just gotten your child's exam results. No matter how is the results, you have to understand these:

  • Studying is a work for your child. They don't like to do it even though they understand it is important for them. They will find a lot of different ways to procrastinate on it.
  • We have seen some students work extremely hard for their studies. But no matter how hard they work, they never get the results they want. Ultimately, they give up.

What if there's a way to make all the learnings to be FUN, EFFECTIVE & EASY? 

The process of learning can be:

  • FUN - We repackage the boring study materials into something FUN for the child to be motivated to learn. Yes, it's possible to make learning fun.
  • EFFECTIVE - You can see the results FAST. Children will be able to remember things at least 2x faster and longer.
  • EASY - The method is very simple and easy to use and apply. Even a 7-year-old can do it. 

The best part is they will be the one who is motivated and interested to learn. There's no need to push them to study anymore!

Your children will learn:

  • Speed Reading skill - How to cut down 80% of reading time
  • Note Making skill - How to process and understand information
  • Super Memory skill - How to remember 2X more information in a shorter time
  • REGISTER NOW! Limited Seats available. RSVP Required.

Best regards,

Light House Learning Group


1. Limited Seats available. RSVP Required. Please contact 016-3950970 to confirm your slots. 


3-1, Jalan Cempaka SD12/2


30th July 2019

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