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Leaderonomics Kids Programme – May 2019 (Age 8-10)

8 years - 10 years


Programme Details:

Programme Name
Leaderonomics Kids Programme – May 2019 (Age 8-10)
25-26 May 2019, Saturday & Sunday (non-residential)
8.30 AM – 4 PM
Dwi Emas International School, Shah Alam, Selangor
RM 220 *Price are inclusive of 6% SST & processing fee


Let your child's leadership grow through this 2-day interactive storyline based programme!

Focusing on "Moral, Intellectual, and Performance Characters", this programme seeks to provide participants with an enriching experience. Every element of camp would systematically translate the Science of Building Leaders philosophy in order to nurture a generation of purposeful and driven young leaders.

Find out more about Leaderonomics Kids Programme here!

Our activities are developed around an adventure-like simulation to address and teach leadership values as well as to help them improve their soft skills in communication and public speaking. We also encourage them to practice these values and skills via the philosophy that leadership must begin at home.

Terms & Conditions:

By signing up for the programme above, I/we (Parent/Guardian of Participant and Participant) agree to the following terms and conditions of participating in Leaderonomics Youth Camp ("Camp"):

1. Availability and Withdrawal Policy

I/we certify the Participant's availability for the duration of the Camp. If for any reason the Participant must withdraw from the Camp, I/we must inform Leaderonomics Sdn. Bhd. ("Leaderonomics") of such withdrawal at least 14 days before the beginning of Camp. In such a scenario, the participant can send a replacement camper within the appropriate age group for the camp with written notice to Leaderonomics through email. If not, any payment already made to Leaderonomics will be converted into credit for future Leaderonomics Youth Camp registrations valid 1 year from the camp originally registered for, failing which the full camp fee will be forfeited.

If I/we fail to inform Leaderonomics Sdn. Bhd. by this date, I/we agree to pay a penalty fee of RM 200.00. In the case that any payment has already been made, the penalty fee will be subtracted from this payment, and the remainder will be converted into credit for future Leaderonomics Youth Camp registrations valid 1 year from the camp originally registered for, failing which the full camp fee will be forfeited.

2. Medical Condition & Authorisation

I certify that the named Participant is physically able to participate in the Camp and that I know of no restrictions, physical impairments, or any other facts, which in any manner limit his/her participation in such a camp. I also understand that Leaderonomics will administer no physical examinations and will rely solely upon the information shown on this form.

I give permission for the Participant to receive emergency medical or surgical treatment and hospitalisation if necessary. I hereby authorise Leaderonomics staff, Camp coordinators and Camp facilitators to act on my behalf according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical or surgical treatment, and hospitalisation if necessary.

3. Assumption of Risk of Camp Activities

I understand the risk of injury to the Participant from the camp activities, even if Leaderonomics staff, Camp coordinators and Camp facilitators take every practical precaution to ensure the safety of participants. The term "Camp Activities" includes but is not limited to:

(i)    Travel to and from the Camp

(ii)    Activities during the Camp.

I/we knowingly and freely assume all such risks, and I/we assume full responsibility for participation in the Camp by the Participant.

4. Financial Responsibility & Insurance

In the event that the Participant requires medical attention due to injuries or sickness during the Camp, I will be financially responsible for any medical expenses incurred. I also understand and agree that Leaderonomics shall not assume, nor be responsible, nor liable for:

(i)    Medical expenses other than that which is covered by The Pacific Insurance short term PA purchased for each articipant, and

(ii)    Compensations for any injury that the Participant may suffer during Camp Activities.

I am aware that Leaderonomics has arranged for short term PA insurance for each participant with the following coverage:

(i)    Accidental death and disablement : up to RM 20,000.00

(ii)    Outpatient medical reimbursement : up to RM 1,000.00.

5. Compliance with Camp Rules

The Participant understands and agrees to comply with all Camp rules, policies, and stated and customary terms, conditions or requirements for participation, including any rules or conditions of any accommodation or transportation service provider which the Participant uses during the Camp.

I agree that if you observe any unusual or significant concern in Participant’s readiness for participation in the Camp or Participant’s failure or unwillingness to comply with the Camp rules, Leaderonomics staff and Camp coordinators may, at their sole discretion, remove participant from participation.

Also, I hereby release and forever discharge Leaderonomics from any and all claims, actions, damages, or liabilities (including legal fees and costs), arising from or related to any acts, actions, failures to act by Participant or Participant's disregard or failure to follow Camp rules.

6. Publicity

I understand and agree for Leaderonomics to hold the right to use, for publicity and advertising, photographs and videos of participants taken at the Camp and the use of user-supplied information collected through the registration process for Leaderonomics marketing purposes.

I also understand and agree by entering my email address, I agree to receive emails & promotion materials from Leaderonomics.



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Suite 9.08 & 9.09, Block E, Phileo Damansara 1, 9 Jalan 16/11, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Office Tel03-5626 0028



Leaderonomics is a social enterprise dedicated to transform developing nations through leadership development. We believe that leadership is what drives excellence in nations, organisations and communities. We dream of providing access to leadership development even to the remotest parts of developing nations, ensuring that everyone who aspires to be a leader, is provided the tools and processes. Leaders can then build communities of love and transform the nation!


Dwi Emas International School, Shah Alam, Selangor


26th May 2019

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