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5 Fun Things to Do with Your Children This School Holidays

Published on 13 March, 2017

You could take your child to yet another mall, walk a bit, and get asked to buy everything from a pink spatula to red rain boots, but would it be better to have them do something more beneficial?

Whether your little man or miss is in the terrible twos, feisty fives or testy tens, there are so many activities in the Klang Valley today designed to help them navigate and appreciate the world around them. The best part, is that it doesn't have to cost the earth.

1.      Encourage Fun & Play: Holiday Playcamp with Play Nest

Save your kitchen and the white walls by giving your children the opportunity to craft, play and conduct mini science experiments in a camp designed for maximum creativity and fun. The Play Nest holiday camp is on from the 20-22 March, 2017 and will feature different types of activities everyday based on a theme.

From crafty creations to group games, have your child attend all three days to experience all the camp has to offer.

Age groups: 3-6

Price (exclusive to Kidxy): RM237

Package offer expires: 18 March 2017 

Camp Date: 20-22 March 2017 

2.      Show them Underwater Wonders: Seal Team Basic Scuba Diving

Take swimming classes up a notch but enrolling your child in a scuba diving class for children. The lesson will teach children the basics of scuba diving, practicing buoyancy and even taking underwater photos. It is a great complement activity for children who are already learning to swim.

As a value-add extra, your child will also learn a little about environmental awareness: why we should love and appreciate the beauty of our oceans and those who dwell in it.

Age groups: 8-17

Price (exclusive to Kidxy): RM390

Package offer expires: 18 March 2017 

Camp Date: 20-21 March 2017 (You can choose either 20th or 21st)

3.      Build their imagination: Little Red Riding Hood Preschool Holiday Programme

You could read the classic story to your child or you could put them right in the thick of it for an immersive experience in story telling and imagination play. This programme will be based on the classic story and will feature role-playing, arts and crafts, sensory fun, cooking and science. It's the all-rounder experience to encourage children to find, which they enjoy most.

Wondering how so many activities can be tied into one classic children's story? Enroll your child to find out!

 Age groups: 3-6

Price (exclusive to Kidxy): RM280

Package offer expires: 18 March 2017

Camp Date: 20-24 March 2017

4.      Encourage them to invent: Leonardo da Vinci Discovery Camp

The Leonardo da Vinci camp isn't about painting but more of the famous man's scientific inventions. At this camp organised by I Discovery World, children will be able to recreate some of da Vinci's inventions and learn basic hand anatomy in a fun way.

Although, da Vinci is known for his paintings, he was also a gifted inventor, fashioning ideas for machines and contraptions that form the basis of many of our modern day creations. This activity is the perfect start to build a child's interest in science and innovation.

Age groups: 4-6 or 7-12

Price (exclusive to Kidxy): RM300 (4-6 yrs) OR RM350 (7-12 yrs).

Package offer expires: 19 March 2017 

Camp Date: 22-24 March 2017

5.      Teach them about money: Moneywise Workshop

Teaching your child about money doesn't have to wait until they start earning an allowance. The basics can be imparted from as early as 6 years with the Moneywise Workshop by Moneytree. The workshop, (with a big mouthful name, MoneyWise Smart Kid & Savvy Parents Workshop) is to begin the journey to financial literacy with lessons on the value of money, developing the right money habits, and learning the basics of money.

The workshop allows parents to sit in with their children and package includes entry for mum, dad and up to two children.

Age groups: 6-8 or 9-12

Price (exclusive to Kidxy): RM115

Package offer expires: 19 March 2017 

Camp Date: 25-26 March 2017 (Date depends on location)

Still don't see a package your child will like? Kidxy has a ton more to be discovered. Buy a package or try a one-off activity, the choice is yours. 

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