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How to plan the perfect birthday party for your child

Published on 11 May, 2017

Cake, streamers, clowns, and presents! Gone are the days when the simple was enough to impress your little miss/mister. Today, there are superhero themes, real firemen, or princess castles. Many people snicker that birthdays for toddlers are mostly for parents because what will a little tot remember? But who cares?

Whether you're throwing a bash for the awesome photos to show your child when he/she's a rebellious teenager or because they are already a fussy 5 year old – there are ways to throw a party whatever your budget, whatever your child's fancy. We've got a simple list to get you started!

1. Research the theme!

Every party worth its paper hat needs a theme. Unless your child is 6 months old and unlikely to care whether the décor is superhero or a bunch of bunnies – it helps to know what your child is into.  A Lego buff, Disney Princess girl, a superhero dreamer, or a Peppa Pig afficianado – which theme would make the perfect party?

2. Plan, plan, plan!

Once you have a theme and date, it's time to get cracking, locking down the basics like venue and caterers. Depending on the theme, some places might be more suitable than others. If you're thinking outdoor – have a back-up in the case of bad weather like a sturdy tent or indoor option.

When thinking up a menu – you can dress up your tid-bits according to theme too!

3. Send the invitations

Give your guests ample time to attend! Send the invites as soon as you've locked down the theme (this way you can print matching invites and even ask your guests to dress the theme), venue and date. Collect RSVPs regularly too with reminders so you don't end up with too many no-shows!

4. Hire your crew

Is your party in need of mascots or other entertainers? Perhaps you want balloon animals made or special ice-cream served fresh at the party. Whatever you decided you want – give the yellow pages a turn and hire them before they are booked out.  

5. Get your stuff together

Make detailed lists of the items you need for each activity you have planned (art materials, pinatas, toys, etc). You can make or buy decoration to match your theme and pack your own party packs too. The lists help prevent anything from falling through the cracks on the big day.

6. Consult the Mommies and Daddies who've partied before you (for their kids of course)

Asking your friends who've thrown successful kid birthdays before will help you iron out last minute details and get invaluable advice on having everything go without hitch!

7. Have someone else do it all?

Does all of the above sound waaaay to much for an already overworked mommy and daddy? Party planning is an industry in itself because it takes a LOT to plan one well. So why not just leave it to the professionals?

Contrary to popular belief, it wouldn't have to cost you heaps more to have your party organised by a professional rather than all by yourself. Because party planners already have access and agreements with different service providers, they are likely to be able to offer you low package prices to deal with all the drama!

Kidxy's birthday party offers start from RM339 and there are many different activities, locations and themes to choose from. You can pay lower prices by bringing your own food OR opt to the have the planners provide catering*.

Whether you want an active party or a crafty party – there's a little something for all tastes and preferences.

Call in the professionals or have it your own way – if you made it this far down the article, you're probably a super-parent anyway!

*Terms differ based on the service provider.


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