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How To Deal With Bored Children

Published on 25 May, 2017

4 Ways to Deal with Bored Children

You've clothed them, fed them, and even bought them more than their fair share of toys and yet, every school holiday or weekend you dread those two grating words and the lengthy wails that follow: "I am bored!"

Bored children – it seems even the best of parents can't catch a break from this phenomena. Truth be told, what your child is really trying to tell you, isn't that you are duller than dishwater, but that they are unsure what to do with their time. Psychology Today, puts it succinctly:

"Kids live in a world where the vast majority of their time is managed and scheduled. The stimulation is structured and the motivation tends to be extrinsic. When a kid is presented with nothing but free time, after a while all the external stimulators lose a little luster."

Taking a cue from the quote, it seems there are four approaches you can take to solve this age old problem.

1. Let them be bored

As suggested by many a-internet parenting advice site, boredom may be good for your child to explore their interests and creativity on their own. Having this 'unstructured' time forces your child to find something to do and will hopefully lead them to their passions.

However, if you worry that your child may get into more trouble than good or just is just having a hard time figuring out what to do with themselves, helping them alone isn't such a bad idea either.

2. Give them something new & novel to do

Ok, this may sound a tad obvious but we don't mean simply telling them to do the chores for the first time, attempt a difficult math problem, or even play with a new toy. For children, a new idea or experience will be able to envelop them for hours on end as they explore provided the experience is novel enough to occupy them.

Most toys and activities have finite possibilities no matter what the box may claim and you're then back to where you started.

For instance, you could have them volunteer at an animal shelter (cute animals a plus), give them brain exercise assignments, or even have them plan and put on a play. Depending on the age of the child, you will need to think outside the box for possibilities.

But if you are strapped for time, and out of ideas – take the easy way out by sending them to Little Botz Academy School Holiday Programme.

Each session is 3 hours and your child will learn how to construct and programme their own Lego army of robots! Not only is it something completely new, the programme will be customised to your child's age and learning speed.  

3. Teach them a fun new skill

Nothing keeps a child busier than when they have just learned something new and engaging. Remember when they discovered the joys of painting your white walls or arranging and rearranging anything not tied down in your home? Yea, how could you forget?

Depending on your child's interests, you could teach them to paint, bake, or even fish if they are old enough. If the skill is something they truly enjoy, there will be hours spent honing it.

But whilst fun skills are great, you could also teach them a skill that will prove useful in later years. The internet is changing the way we live our lives. Heck, you're reading this on a website and not a mummy magazine! Coding is the skill of the future and with Code Juniors, you could give your child a headstart AND cure the boredom blues. 

Kids will be able to programme their own animations and games whilst learning the basics of coding. The session is for a day and can be taught to a child as young as 5!

4. Plan and fill their days with activities

If being presented with free time is the reason for boredom, then plan your child's day(s). Take the time to arrange different experiences and outings as many times a week as your pocket and energy reserves will allow. Tired children rarely have time to be bored!

But this option isn't just tiring for your child, it will be murder on you and your spouse too. Planning, managing, and then cleaning up after each activity is bound to make you wonder what was so bad about boredom in the first place.

So why not let someone else help you plan? The IOP Preschool Space Galaxy Holiday Programme is a full on 1 week camp for children to play, learn, socialise and have oodles of fun. 

This time around, the programme is on the Milky Way so children will learn all about space, explore planets, eat funky, spooky food, and have altogether messy fun. That's one week of learning, activity, and no cries of "I am bored!" For just RM228 (a price available only on Kidxy).

There isn't a one size fits in any situation. Sometimes, you need to try all four at different times to give your child both the opportunity to decide for themselves and help them out a little. The thing to remember is that a bored child does not equal lax parenting – if anything, it means you've done so well with taking care of their basic needs that they can then afford to think of how to occupy their minds.

What is your method for dealing with your child's boredom?  


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