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Kidxy's Monthly Subscription Plans Have Been Discontinued

Published on 18 July, 2017

Hello there! 


At Kidxy, we're constantly looking for ways to make our customers' lives more convenient and offer flexibility for your different needs.


Effective 1 July 2017, we will cease our monthly subscription plans to more accurately indicate the value customers get from the activities and to coordinate some cool new features heading your way.


This change will not affect your current activity schedule, as you have the flexibility to purchase or book single activity passes at any time. But as a current Kidxy customer, we want to keep you informed about the change. Now more than ever, the entire Kidxy team is dedicated to providing you with the best activities, quality, and prices. Period. To us, that's a really good sign that we're offering the best kids' activities the way it should be offered.


So check out and get access to hundreds of activities. If you have suggestions on how we can improve our business, please share them with  [email protected].


As always, thanks for supporting Kidxy and have a wonderful day.



Mary, Customer Happiness Evangelist

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