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Sneaky Ways You Can Keep Your Children Learning Through the School Holidays

Published on 02 August, 2017

With heavy bags and tuition all day, it’s tempting to want to give your children a break during the school holidays (and give yourself a much needed timeout!). But is that really the best use of their time? Let's face it, our youngsters have way more holidays than most schoolchildren have the world over – why not sneakily jam in some fun yet educational pastimes?

You don’t have to send them for yet another refresher course in Math; learning can take many forms. Here are some ingenious ways to keep those brain cells chugging in the right direction.

1. Hands-on workshops

Learning science from a textbook is boring and many children only get to watch their teachers try out experiments as they look on from afar. Hands-on workshops give the impression of play and fun with the added benefit of learning some science!

The I-discovery Science Workshop is for children 4-12 years old to take part in fun science experiments, get their hands ‘dirty’, and even continue the learning back home with takeaway projects they can continue later. They think they’re making a mess sanctioned by adults – you know they’re learning science. Everybody wins!

2. Encourage the ‘drama’

Can’t believe the tall-tales your children tell to get out of homework or a chore? Well, there could be some good in that – encourage them to tell their stories in another language (you know, the one you really want them to learn).

Many parents want their children to take up Mandarin as a second (or third) language but it isn’t the easiest language to pick up. Instead of forcing extra classes on them this school holidays, the Language Tree centre has devised a way to encourage creative expression and a more fun way to learn Mandarin.

Sign up for the Mandarin Speech and Drama Class and let story-telling, performances, and all that creative goodness teach your child the language of business superfast, super well. They won't even know they're learning!

3. Get them glitter-bombed

If you're picturing paint and glitter all over your perfect Nippon walls, don't cry into your linen just yet – we mean, send them somewhere else to make a legit mess. Art classes are the perfect way to get the creative juices flowing and keeping your tapestries and upholstery exactly the way nature intended them.

Get Crafty is the place to allow your children the fun of glitter bombs, glue guns, and paint without the massive cleaning bill after. It sounds fun and frolic but art is a legitimate subject and creativity a sure talent plus for their future. It's the kind of learning they won't say no to!

4. Dancing the day away

Why do we have P.E. at school? It isn't just a way to make all children wear cringeworthy house t-shirts, it is exactly what it spells out – a Physical Education. But a lot of children don't enjoy the sports where the weak and the strong battle it out for playground glory so give them a break and a shot at the kind of physical education where they can wiggle away their inhibitions.

Sapphire Dance Studio's Salsa for Kids is the dance session to get your children to let their real or proverbial hair down and dance away their stresses. It's a class for first-timers so no need to feel shy. Don't like the class? As a one-off session, they don't have to repeat the experience weekly. Now if only all P.E. classes were that flexible...

We wouldn't blame you for thinking that all of this doesn't really sound very educational nor much like learning. But that's the wonder of the world we live in. Learning doesn't just happen in books and classrooms; some of the best lessons your child will learn – will be outside, living and experiencing life. Why not have that experience in a safe and controlled environment?

Don't like the suggestions above? Kidxy has heaps more. Happy Holidays!

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