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Kids Say the Spookiest Things

Published on 14 October, 2017

With Halloween around the corner, we can't run away from spooky stories. Be it on the TV with horror movies and Halloween special episodes of your regular TV series, or spooky stories on the internet via blogs and videos. While most of our generation may not necessarily believe that spirits and ghosts will roam around on 31st October, people still put up scary decorations and wear scary costumes for the fun of it.


While we are in the spirit of Halloween, there is nothing spookier than hearing some of the things that kids say or being surprised by some of the things they do. Seriously, kids can really give you the biggest goosebumps with their seemingly innocent statements…


I can vividly recall three incidents that were particularly mysterious to me.


The first time was when my niece was 5 years old, she had the following conversation with her grandmother (my mother):


Niece: Grandma, Aunty Farah is here (clearly, I wasn't there!)

Grandma: Huh, where?

Niece: Can't you see? Aunty Farah is here.

Grandma: (looks out at the gate to see if there's anyone there) Where? I don't see anyone.

Niece: She is here! (Insisting in a matter-of-fact way)

Grandma: Are you kidding?

Niece: No, she is here!


At that point, my grandmother changed the subject because it was getting too scary for her to handle. When she told me about it, I was covered in goosebumps. I mean, my niece saw me or something that looked like me, when in fact, I was at work. That is one scary thought! Some shapeshifter decided to look like me? No way!


Later on, when we asked her again, she pointed to a photo of me on the wall and said “There! That's Aunty Farah!”. We were somewhat relieved but there is no way to be sure if she really was referring to that photo all along, or if she really did see “me” when I wasn't there! I mean, why didn't she show the photo when asked earlier? Thankfully that was the only time it ever happened.


The second time was when the same niece was 3 years old and she gave me the scariest night of my life. We went back to our hometown in Kedah to visit my grandmother. It’s a 2-storey house but my grandmother and aunt mostly stayed downstairs, so no one slept in the rooms upstairs. It's customary for us to place the mattresses and blankets on the floor in the upstairs living room and sleep together.


When we brought our niece upstairs to sleep, she started pointing to a corner of the living room and started to cry hysterically. We couldn't see anything there, but she kept pointing to that corner. She hid her face not wanting to look at that corner after the first time. She can talk pretty well at that age, so we tried to get her to describe what was there but she just kept on crying her lungs out.


Needless to say, all of us slept downstairs that night. The next morning when she was calm, I tried asking her about it, but she just couldn't describe it. Every question I asked such as “did you see a person?” or “what color is it?” or “was it a cockroach?” were all responded with “I don't know”. It wasn't a clear yes or no, so we never figured out what she was so afraid of. Till today, I never slept upstairs whenever I went back to my grandmother’s house.


The third time happened quite recently when my 4-year-old daughter gave me the creeps during bedtime when she repeatedly made an eerie, laughing sound. When I asked her what sound was that, at first she didn’t answer but kept laughing in that eerie and ghostly way. We never watch horror movies at home, so I know there was no way she could have picked it up from the TV.


Me: Are you trying to make the sound of a hyena?

Daughter: No.

Me: Then, what is it?

Daughter: *quiet*

Me: Is it a clown?

Daughter: No, it’s a ghost.

Me: *gulp* What?

Daughter: A ghost.

Me: Where did you hear a ghost making that sound?

Daughter: I don’t know.

Me: Is it from TV? Is it from Jake and The Never Land Pirates? (I recall there was a Halloween special where there was a ghost pirate ship)

Daughter: No.


She couldn’t explain where she picked up that ghost laughter from. So, to keep my cool, I told myself it must have been from a Halloween episode on the Disney Junior channel. It must be, right?


It doesn’t help that we always hear that kids can sometimes see mysterious things. There's also the whole “imaginary friend” phenomenon that still doesn’t have a solid scientific explanation. I had an imaginary friend named “Nora” when I was little, but I don’t remember seeing anyone and can’t seem to associate any face to that name now. I am ever so thankful that both my kids do not have imaginary friends (at least not yet).


If you are the type who loves ghost stories and dig horror movies, try talking to little kids. They may give you a run for your money with the creepy things they can come up with!

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