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DIY Children’s Halloween Costume Ideas!

Published on 19 October, 2017

Halloween is around the corner and as much as we may be dreading the friend or school’s invitation to a Dress Up Day, we are all secretly excited about dressing up our lil’ munchkins in costumes that we never had as kids.

While there are plenty of costume rental stores in Kuala Lumpur and other big cities in Malaysia, the cost of these rentals are not exactly cheap! So, in the spirit of recycling and reusing, as well as believing that parents should get crafty and creative themselves, here’s a couple of DIY costume ideas that only require you doing as much as paying a visit to your local hypermarket!

1. Mario (from Super Mario Brothers)

Now, you may have much higher appreciation for Mario than your children but they will eventually realise how cool they looked at the party

  • 75% of this look is pulled together from your child’s closet – a pair of jeans dungaree, a red t-shirt (short or long sleeve, both will do the trick) and a red cap!
  • Cut out three circles from a card paper (1 circle x 6cm diameter and 2 circles x 4cm diameter)
  • The larger circle is for the letter ‘M’ that is to be stuck on the cap. The 2 smaller circles are to be painted in yellow with an ‘X’ on them to illustrate a button stitch. These go on the front of the dungaree. Stick the circles on using double sided tape or pin them down for extra security
  • The final touch is the statement Mario moustache that you can draw with a waterproof eyeliner

2. Skeleton

You can’t go wrong going as an understated skeleton and this costume is particularly easy to make! Grab your child’s black trousers and long-sleeved shirt and get yourself a white duct tape. The true test here is your drawing and cutting skills. As you can see below you could keep it simple or elaborate the shape of the bones – you decide!

3. Mummy

If you have the spare time, set yourself this challenge! All you need are your child’s white long sleeved shirt and trouser, a white sheet (like an old bed sheet), a pair of scissors and a teabag.

  • Rip the sheet into 3-inch wide strips with the help of a pair of scissors just to make the initial cut. Ripping as opposed to cutting is to get the uneven edges
  • Soak the strips in a bucket with the teabag until the strings are stained. Rinse and dry
  • Wrap the strips around the child and tie one strip to the next as you go. You don’t have to be neat or perfect – a Mummy should look messy!

4. Fairy Princess

This costume is for the girly ones. All you need are your child’s most princess-like dress, skirt or tutu, a large cardboard, a ribbon, strings and some fake flowers.

  • Draw and cut out a pair of wings from the cardboard and paint it to a colour of your choice
  • Create holes in the wings and loop two strings as a pair of straps for your child to wear
  • Create a garland from the fake flowers and ribbon
  • Use remaining ribbon to tie around your child’s waist or wrist for extra girl touches!

(Photo are just for inspiration)


We hope these are useful -  good luck mums and dads!

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