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One-stop Halloween Party Guide

Published on 27 October, 2017

Trick o' treating may not be option for Malaysian children but it doesn't mean that your children can't enjoy this family friendly international holiday! How about throwing a party? We've got a simple guide to lots of fiendish fun!

Devilish Deco

To have your home looking just right for this night of frights – you're going to have to invest some time and effort in decorating the space like an honest-to-goodness house of horrors. It doesn't need to be elaborate or too gory (if you want to keep it clean for the under 5's!). Some nifty DIY is all you need.

Try these wispy webbed curtains for both indoor or outdoor use. All you'll need is cheesecloth and some cutting tools. Plastic spiders make great wall deco and can be purchased cheaply from toy stores or one-priced stores. You can also turn any bottle into an olde world type poison/potion bottle with just a printer and some glue.

Photo credit: Little Birdy Secret (https://www.makeandtakes.com/aged-halloween-potion-bottle-labels)

Frightening Food

The next most important thing at any party, is of course the food! It doesn't take much to get your bites looking like the banquet of the undead. It just needs a little creativity.

For example, check out these adorable lollipop ghosts that will make any child feel like they don't miss trick o' treatin'! Voodoo doll gingerbread give a Halloween twist to the Christmas favourite and is great fun to get children involved in making them! Sausage mummies are also based on the same idea and is of course a favourite with most children.

Remember those poison labels? They'd go great as replacement labels on soda bottles!

Creepy Costumes

What is Halloween without a costume? Sure, you could easily rent one with the abundance of costume rentals in the Klang Valley these days but why not make your own – you'll be unique and save a bunch of cash too.

If you are up for this challenge, Kidxy has written a full step-by-step article on DIY Children’s Halloween Costume Ideas - from the classic Mario to never-go-wrong mummy. Good luck and spook the other Moms and Dads away!


Ghoulish Goodies

No child's party is complete without a goodie bag. Trick o' treat candy is a start but you can really make ultimate party planner status by making a few inexpensive tweaks.

Goodie bags are a great place to be creative with the usual stuff that go in it anyway. Experiment with interesting labels or packaging for a true Halloween feel! Don't stop there – check Pinterest, Buzzfeed and the rest of the WWW for more tips!

Throwing a super Halloween party is fun for all the family and doesn't need to be expensive to ensure a good time is had by all. But if the work is tiring you out just reading about it – why not leave it to the professionals? Have one of Kidxy's party plan providers get it all sorted for you.

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