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Encourage your child's interests!

Published on 04 December, 2017

It's tempting to want to chart your child's life and progress. Tuition, music lessons, swimming, or martial arts – are all common to-dos on their daily list but if given the opportunity to choose their after school activities, what would your child want? If you haven't considered that question, there's no time like the present!

There's a lot to be gained from allowing and encouraging your child to pursue his/her own interests. World Children's Day has just passed and one of the big takeaways from the celebration is the message that children should be allowed to pursue their passions to their fullest potential. You never know the heights they can soar. But there are many other benefits to giving children this power to choose. Here are just a few.

1. They are taught the value of informed decision making and consequences

When a child chooses their own pastimes or hobbies, they become acutely aware of the consequences and opportunity loss that comes with making that choice. For example, if they decide to take up singing just because their friends are doing it but not because they really enjoy the activity, they will soon realise how that decision affects the loss of their time and opportunity to do other things.

With guidance, the experience may teach them to think decisions through. After all, they cannot blame mum and dad for forcing the activity on them!

2. Learning is enhanced where there is passion

How do you feel when forced to do something you don't like versus something you enjoy? The outcome of forced activity is seldom rivalled by the quality of work done through passion. The same is true for your children. A child made to take ballet may do it passably well but if he/she loves dance – the possibility of excelling is higher as they focus time and energy on honing their talents.

What fuel could be more potent than passion?

3. It helps children open up about their interests

How awesome would it be for your child to know mom and dad support their loves and passions? A child engaged in a hobby and who feels comfortable sharing it without fearing judgment is much more likely to open up and communicate.

Encourage your child's hobbies and watch them invite you into their magical worlds.

How to encourage your child's hobbies

It's all well and good to say there are benefits – but where should you start? The first is always in getting to know your child. You could ask them what they like to do and how they would spend their time if they had the chance to decide. Sometimes, it means watching what fascinates them on TV or in the world around them.

Once you know, it's just a matter of encourage the fascination, buying them items that help in the hobby or taking them for activities that are related. If you're stuck on where to go for the right activities, take the Kidxy Child Personality Quiz and let us help you identify the most suitable activities in the Klang Valley! We'll throw in a discount voucher to get you started.

At the end of the day, it's the voyage of discovery. Even if your child ends up hating their chosen hobby after giving it a try, they'd be much wiser in their next selection and most importantly, they'll know you will have their back 100% whatever they chose in future.

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