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Raise Sport Champions With These Tips

Published on 23 March, 2018

Julian Yee made Malaysians proud this year by being the first figure skater to represent Malaysia at the Winter Olympics 2018. The little fact that we have no winter nor snow in Malaysia didn't seem to hinder him!

There is no telling where the strengths and talents lie in your child. You could be nurturing the next Olympic champion! But even if not, here are some tips to encourage your child to be active, and play sport. Who knows what the future may bring?

Find out if they're ready

Although there are general ideas on when children are ready to get into organised sport (as opposed to running around the house), every child is different and you will be in the best position to tell if your child is ready.

Can they take instructions well? Are they generally coordinated on their feet? Are they tall and strong enough to play? Try simple activities at home like throwing and catching a ball, or playing games that require some understanding of rules. If you think your child is getting into the groove of playing active games, it's time to narrow down!

Help them discover their interests

Children won't be born with the infinite knowledge of what sport they will enjoy so it will be up to you to help them. Talk to them about the kind of activity that they enjoy – playing ball, messing about in the pool, or perhaps dancing?

You could also encourage them to be spectators either in real life or on TV. Watching the various sports in play might trigger an interest. However, you will still need to be age appropriate!

Start the tryouts!

Before you engage that world class coach – it's probably best to hold trial runs! Children may think they enjoy a sport until they have to play it for real. You could purchase child starter sets if perhaps hockey, or football is their game of choice.

If however, they are into sports that a little more elaborate (you can't buy a full sized swimming pool, or say a skating rink!), you can take advantage of the many new activities plans and packages for children available. Give them a go at an indoor, heated swimming pool, give Julian Yee a run for his money on an ice rink, or try their hand at becoming a tennis pro. The professional, yet age-appriopriate environment and assistance will ensure your child is in the best of hands to build their love for sport.

Nurture without force

The most important thing you can do is to encourage fun! Although, some firm pushes in the right direction may be necessary to build their confidence in trying new things – it is best not to forget that nurturing a passion is much better (and more lasting!) than trying to proverbially beat it into a child.

If your child isn't, even with the best intentioned tries, not into sport, there's always the arts!

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