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Celebrating Autistic Children with 'Semarak Autisme' Carnival

Published on 20 April, 2018

Kidxy and PERMATA Kurnia recently organised the ‘Semarak Autisme’ Carnival which was held at CIDB Convention Center, Cheras on 14th April 2018 to celebrate about 2,000 autistic children and their families in conjunction with the Autism Awareness Month.

It was the second edition of the carnival organised by PERMATA and PERMATA Kurnia, and it was officiated by PERMATA patron Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, the wife of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. The director of PERMATA Kurnia, Prof Madya Dr Hasnah Toran was also present at the carnival.

The carnival was held each year to create awareness among the masses and also to provide an opportunity for the autistic children to be involved in various activities. One of the initiatives provided is the ‘Awesome Café’ where low-functioning autistic youth were given the chance to become baristas! This initiative gives the chance for them to become more independent, and to earn & provide for themselves.

At the carnival, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor spent some time visiting the stalls, playing carnival games and watched the staged performance by the autistic children. Around 12.20 p.m, the guests received a surprise visit by Datuk Seri Najib Razak who turned up unannounced to join them. The guests grabbed this golden opportunity to shake hands and take selfies with the country’s top leader.

The children also got themselves another surprise appearance by their favourite cartoon characters, Cam and Leon. Both characters took the time to mingle around with the children and entertain them. The carnival also received supports and sponsorships from Friso Gold, Staedtler, Photobook, and Honestbee.

Apart from that, lots of other exciting activities were also available at the carnival such as archery, paintball, sand art, aerobic, slime-making, colouring contest and inflatable playground, just to name a few. However, the highlight of the carnival was the ‘Walk A Mile in My Shoes’ activity. The activity gave the visitors a chance to go through the sensations experienced by autistic individuals on daily basis. It was definitely a new experience for all the visitors as they got an insight on how it is to live with autism.

‘Walk A Mile in My Shoes’ is divided into 5 rooms with each room representing the difficulties faced by an autistic person. The rooms consist of adaptive, sensory, communication, social and physical skills activities. Each activity is required to be completed within 2 minutes. The first room known as the Fashionista room let the participants experience the difficulties faced by the autistic children in their daily routines.

The second room or the Wondermaze room gave the participants the chance to feel the sensory difficulties faced by autistic children with different levels of disturbance of sounds and visuals disturbance. The third room which is the Escape room provided the experience of the difficulties in communicating with autistic children. The participants are required to communicate by using PECS, a way of communicating with autistic children.

The fourth room is the Dance Party whereby the participants will need to imitate the dance moves by the instructor. This activity let participants experience the difficulty faced by an autistic child in trying to imitate movements. Lastly, the fifth room or the Autism Warrior room let the participants test out their physical skills by encouraging their motor planning skills, coordination, and body awareness.

Most visitors really enjoyed this activity as they finally have a brief idea of how the autistic children go about their life. The event met its goal which is to create awareness among the public that autism is not a tragedy and that understanding is needed among each other.

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