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Kidxy Journey: Behind The Scenes

Published on 08 May, 2018

Our beloved website, Kidxy, is the brainchild of three individuals (Mien Dee, Em & Ken) who are passionate about helping parents to get the best activity deals for their kids with the convenience of having all the activities aggregated onto one platform. Parents with young children will know the importance of having them occupied with enriching activities during their free time. However, parents often find it difficult to find suitable activities as doing the same ones can eventually get dull and uninspiring. Thus, our founders thought it would be a good idea to compile all the activities available within Klang Valley for the parents’ convenience!

Most people wonder what is the meaning behind the name Kidxy? Here’s a fun fact – Kidxy (pronounced as Kid-si, not Kid-X-Y!) is short for Kids’ Galaxy! Just like its name, Kidxy aims to provide a vast selection of kids’-related activities & information for parents.

Our management team! (L to R: Mien Dee, Ken, Marcus, Em)

There are four departments in Kidxy that keep the company running. The Management Team, led by our CEO, Mien Dee, is responsible in making sure that Kidxy is on the right path to fulfil its vision.

Of course, no website is alive without the IT department whereby their job is to make sure that you are able to surf the site seamlessly with zero hiccups!

The Business Development team are the guys who make sure that we have enough vendors and partners to provide you with a wide range of offerings on our website.

Lastly, the biggest team in the company - drumroll please - is the Marketing department where the team is responsible to manage campaigns, digital marketing and also all customer issues happening on Kidxy.

Marcus, Head of Business Development, sharing our plan with our vendors at the Tea Party With Vendors!

Apart from the team in Kidxy, the vendors that are recruited also play a crucial part in Kidxy’s growth. Providing hundreds of activities for the kids at a discounted rate, our vendors are experts in their field and we are constantly recruiting vendors who provide the best services with your child’s best interests at heart. Other than our vendors, Kidxy have also partnered with companies such as Astro, Friso Gold, Honestbee, Staedtler and many more.

Kidxy’s growth has been tremendous to this day not just because of the team, the vendors and the partners. The most important element in our growth is YOU, yes you!, our customers. Kidxy wouldn’t be where it is today without your tremendous support.  We as a team is so grateful for being able to grow this much and we plan to keep on going! With it’s new tagline, ‘Making It Easy For Parents’, Kidxy is looking forward to provide a full service for parents in looking for kids’ activities, birthday parties, sharing information, trading and so much more that will be coming your way soon!

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