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Traditional Games

Published on 24 August, 2018

Before all the iPads, tablets, internet, game consoles and YouTube, kids back in the days always look forward to go out and play with their friends after school! Some of them even look forward to go to school because the best time during school is the recess time where they can play with their friends. Nowadays, it’s a rare sight to see kids playing and running around in the playground because of technology. In the spirit of Merdeka this month, Let’s take a walk down memory lane and relive some of our traditional games that we used to play with our friends. Maybe we can teach our kids to play so these awesome games will continue to live on!


1)      Ceper or Tutup Botol

Who would’ve thought that playing bottle caps can be so much fun? The game is very simple where you will need 5 bottle caps to begin with and you will need to spread all 5 bottle caps across a flat surface then take one bottle cap out. Then, your opponent will tell you which bottle cap you will need to take out by flicking the bottle cap at each other. Once completed, you will need to flip all 5 bottle caps from your palm to the back of your hands. Throw the bottle caps up and try to catch as many bottles cap mid-air. The more you catch, the more points you’ll collect! The player with more points will reign supreme!


2)      Pepsi Cola

The game doesn’t have anything to do with the carbonated drinks whatsoever! However, the song of the game would go a little something like “Pepsi Cola Ice Cream Soda Buatan Malaysia”. Before you start the game, you will need as many players as you can (because the more, the merrier!) then all the players will stand in a circle while chanting the iconic song. See how your friends will start to freak out by the time the song finishes! This is because once the song is finished, the person where the song ends at will need to step on the foot of the person next to them and eliminate them. This was one of the reasons why your white shoes kept turning black!


3)      Pukul Berapa Datuk Harimau

This game requires a grandpa tiger (datuk harimau), a hen (mak ayam) and as many chicks (anak ayam) as you want. The chicks will stay in line behind their mother while circling the grandpa tiger and will ask the grandpa tiger what time is it. The song will start with the hen and the chicks asking “Pukul berapa datuk harimau?” and the grandpa tiger will answer “Pukul 1”. The song continues until the time reaches 12 where the grandpa tiger will try to catch all of the chicks while the mother protects the chicks. This game can get a little bit extreme because the chicks are not allowed to go out of the line and must hold dearly to each other while trying to escape the grandpa tiger!


4)      Chop Tiang

Another famous game to play during recess in school is ‘chop tiang’. You remember the walkway with lots of ‘tiang’ and everyone will be standing there claiming their ‘tiang’? Yes, the rule is simple - everyone will need to claim their pole and with one person in the middle without a pole. The players holding on to the poles will try to switch poles and the person in the middle will try to catch an unoccupied pole during pole switching. The person whose pole gets captured will then be the new person in the middle. Seems simple but this game can be very intense, especially when you are the person trying to catch others!


5)      Police Entry

How old were you when you finally discovered that the song is actually “Police and Thieves” instead of “Police Entry”? Players will be in a circle and someone will sing the song ‘Police entry want to jaga, police mati pencuri jaga’. Firstly, the song will be sung to select players for the police team. If the song ends at you, you will then be a member of the police team. This will be repeated until there are equal members of the police and the thief’s teams. Once the teams are completed, the police team will start to chase the thief’s team until each and every one of them are captured. This was the game where we imagined ourselves to be in an action movie!

How fun was it growing up with all these games, right? We get to play with our friends and actually be active! Nowadays, our kids are more attached to their gadgets and have little to no time at all to go out and play. Relive these traditional games with your kids and they might discover how interesting playtime can be. Alternatively, you can also browse through our site at and find fun activities to do with your kids! Selamat Hari Merdeka!

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