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Fun Facts About Malaysia

Published on 28 August, 2018

Our nation is celebrating its 61 years of independence this 31st August! In the spirit of Merdeka, let’s get to know our beloved nation a little bit more with these amazing facts about Malaysia! Get your kids to read with you so they can share it with their friends :D

1) Malaysia's 65,877 km highway is longer than the earth's circumference of just 40,075 km! [1]

Malaysia is also known to have world-class highway facilities and is constantly undergoing expansions and upgrades!

Plus, the highway length does not include the highways that are still under construction in Klang Valley and the Pan-Borneo highway! Mindblowing, isn't it?

2) Greco-Roman geographer Ptolemy first named our country Aurea Chersonesus which means ‘Peninsula of Gold’. The name was found in Ptolemy’s book Geographia written around A.D. 150. [2]

What an interesting name for a country right? Let us get our shovel and start digging. Who knows, there might be gold in our backyard?

3) The world's first arm and hand transplant were conducted at Selayang Hospital on a one-month-old baby girl back in the year 2000!

On 18 May 2000, a team of doctors at the Selayang Hospital, led by Dr. V. Pathmanathan, performed the world's first arm and hand transplant on a one-month-old baby, Chong Lih Ying. Her donor was her identical twin sister who died when they were born.

4) Gomantong Cave in Sabah has the highest infestation of cockroaches in the world!

Located at the Kinabatangan area, the cockroaches thrive thanks to the dingy, wet surroundings of the cave and the bat droppings. 

Yikes! Would you explore the cave for RM1 million? No, we’ll pass!

5) Borneo is actually the third largest island in the world after Greenland and New Guinea. [3]

 Spanning over 743,000 km2, the Borneo Island is shared between Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, and Indonesia. It is also the home to the Orangutan and the Proboscis monkey!

6) Local time in Peninsular Malaysia has been adjusted a total of eight times! [4]

That's a lot of adjustments! But the last adjustment was made on 1st January 1982, where Tun Dr. Mahathir made the final adjustment by pushing the time forward by 30 minutes to sync up with Sabah and Sarawak. 

7) The Kedah Sultanate is said to be one of the oldest in the world. [2]

Believed to be founded in 1136, Sultan Mudzafar Shah I was listed as the first Sultan of Kedah.

8) Malaysia is the only country in the world to have actually won the war against Communism. [5]

Known as the Malayan Emergency, the war lasted for 12 years! Thank you to all the brave heroes who have fought and got us where we are today :')

9) The largest undivided leaf in the world, Alocasia Macrorrhiza, comes from the Malaysian state of Sabah. [1]

The largest leaf was found in 1966 measured at 3.02 meters long and 1.92 meters wide. Big enough to be an umbrella!

10) Malaysia is also the home to the world’s biggest flower! [2]

Also known as the ‘Corpse Flower’ due to it’s rotting smell, Rafflesia is definitely not the flower you should give your mom on Mother’s Day!

There's so much more for us to be proud of Malaysia other than these amazing facts. Malaysia is a melting pot of many races, cultures, and religions and we are living harmoniously despite our differences. Let's celebrate our 61st Independence day filled with gratefulness!

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